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Career Exploration Services
For several years we have had the great pleasure of providing pre-employment career exploration programs to those who found themselves stuck in a rut.  These were people who, for the most part, were victims of circumstances beyond their control.  They eventually found themselves beaten down so much that they felt there was no way out. In many cases, they made a decision to quit trying and continue to live as victims

.We,felt there was a need to help these « victmns » and that we had the means to do just that.  We had some universally validated and accepted tools which we felt could be used to assist.  By combining our skills, experience and tools, we could provide a foundation to help them break free from the chains of victimization, instill them with confidence and help them move forward with their lives in a positive and successful way.

We created two intervention programs, « Turning Point » and Nerw Beginnings » one four and one six weeks duration, then lobbied relentlessly to get funding for a pilot.  From there, as they say, the rest is history. We delivered this program(s) all around NL, from Nain to Flower’s cove to Burin and St. John’s and all points in between. each time with resounding success for the participants.

2010 is a new year but there are still those out there who have gotten lost and we have decided to turn our energies once again to helping them.  We have re-energized our program and we are going to do everything we can to make sure those who need this help will have the opportunity to get it. This can only be done with the support and cooperation of people such as you.

I sincerely ask that you think about this information and consider partnering with us to allow   your clients the help they need  be all they can be. I will be more than happy make a presentation to you, please contact me at your convenience at 786-5555 or lefford@pmcint.ca so that this can be arranged. I thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.

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