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Executive Staffing

A proven service of Progressive Management Consulting which focuses on:

• Executive Search
• Recruitment
• Retention
• Outplacement

We are associated with Search offices around the globe all dedicated to getting you the best canidates. We tailor our services to meet your needs, we are ready to complete local, regional, national and international searches.

Our process includes but not limited to;

• Position profiling
• Success profiling
• Writing Ads
• Reviewing Job Description
• Resume Review
• Telephone Interview
• Past Employment Verification
• In-depth Reference checking
• Credit Standing
• Criminal and Driver Abstract
• Education Confirmation
• Profiles
• In person interviews


Would you like us to keep your resume on file should a position become available for someone with your qualifications? If so, email it to with a note explaining the type of position you are seeking.

Our Outplacement program has been successfully used by top employers for the past 20 years. We take clients through tried and tested steps which will help them “Get the job and love it”.