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Sure Start Program

An intensive Pre-employment program

Are your symptoms; Listless, no energy, bored, staying in bed, chronic complaining, always negative, low morale, poor self-esteem, feeling empty?

Results could be; No job, No money, No car, No life, No fun.

If any of this describes you, and you want a better life then we can help.

Our group program will help you explore the reasons why you are this way then provide you with effective solutions which you can begin to implement immediately.

You know and we know that you have the potential to be and have anything you want all you need is just a little help to make sure you are getting the start you need.

We will assist you and be there to help you get a “Sure-Start” on the road to success. For more information call 786-5555 Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30 or email